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Many people, are frustrated by low and/or inconsistent returns on their investment dollars.? In response to that problem, I?ve attempted to educate you with a very real solution that puts you in control of how your money grows, that will eliminate the low returns that you?re now receiving, and pay you a passive, predictable 10%+ interest simply by lending your money to real estate investors who fix and flip properties for high profits in a short period of time.

My name is Brian Evans Jr, and I am a professional real estate investor & private lender.? I am the President of one of the most successful private real estate investing businesses in the country, BT Investment Group, Inc with an A+ BBB Rating.? I am also a 2-time Best Selling Author and one of the highest paid real estate investing consultants in the country.

If you watch the news, most of what you hear and see is constant volatility and drama in the stock market, real estate market, and banking sector.? There is a never-ending stream of negativity and insecurity fueled by the media, government bailouts, stock market roller coaster rides, and foreclosures, which result in fear and a lack of control for the average investor.? If any of this has caused you concern, then I would like to propose a great positive spin on this negativity, because where there are problems, there are always opportunities.

I am not a financial planner, but rather a full time real estate investor who invests full time in real estate in Lexington, Kentucky and surrounding counties.? I have personally completed hundreds of successful transactions since 2004 and every single deal has been profitable.? I?ve never lost money on a deal because I know how to buy properties, I know how to sell properties and I stubbornly ?stick to my guns.?? I know when to pull the trigger and I know when to walk away.

If you want to invest in real estate but simply don?t have the time, resources, or experience to do so effectively and consistently then learning about how to be a private lender for active and successful real estate investors may be the ideal option for you to consider with your non-growing liquid funds.

According to the U.S. Census Data, there are about one million active private mortgages involving seller financing or private lending in the nation.? Private lending provides compelling benefits for both the lender and borrower.? If executed efficiently and professionally, such transactions can be a smart investment, one that results in a win-win financing arrangement for both the lender and the borrower.

Being a private lender is not for everyone and may seem foreign to you at the outset, but I will tell you this….since the dawn of time, it is the most common & successful investment strategy there.? It is exactly what banks do everyday, & you just have to train your mind to think like a bank!

By the time you finish exploring the free tips & information in this website you’ll discover if private lending is a better way for you to get higher returns on your investment dollars.? I encourage you to mentally compare this opportunity for financial returns to that which you are already doing.? Diversification is key in all economic conditions, and it?s wise to have real options.

You truly can learn how to be in control of your money and consistently earn 10%+ ROI simply by leveraging the business, systems and knowledge of a successful real estate investor that you choose to work with.

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If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for additional input.


Brian Evans Jr.

President, BT Investment Group, Inc
Work Phone: 859-263-9045
Email: BrianEvansKy@Gmail.com
Fax: 859-201-1441
Mailing Address:? 3070 Lakecrest Circle 400-260 Lex, KY 40513


Disclaimer:? Please consult your legal and financial professionals & carefully consider all investment objectives, risks, and associated costs or expenses before investing. Although all real estate investments within this type of program are 100% secured against a property, it is illegal for anyone including us to guarantee the return despite past performances.? Please ask questions and ask for more information before considering an opportunity in any investment.

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