Sources Of Capital

(1) Borrow Money and Lend For High Spreads

Do what the banks do and borrow money at a low rate and lend it at a higher rate.? Your home may be an untapped resource for your investment portfolio.? Many homeowners do not realize the potential that their idle equity can bring to them.? You may wish to obtain a Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) for, on average around 3.9% then lend that money out through our program for 10%-15%.? That is a yield spread of 6 to 11 percent!

(2) Invest Savings, CD’s, or Extra Liquid Income

If you are going to invest your money anyway, wouldn?t you like your money to be doing better than inflation and working harder for you by earning interest at much healthier rates than 2%-4% returns offered through Money Markets and CD?s?

(3) Tax Free Investing With Your IRA

Your IRA should also be a vehicle that gives you returns that eliminate the worry of keeping up with inflation.? This is your retirement at stake and as far as I?m concerned 2%-4% simply won?t cut it.? Now your profits can grow tax deferred and even tax FREE.

And why gamble with stocks?? One minute they are up and the next minute they are down.? When companies go bankrupt then the value of your stock becomes worthless.? As a Private Lender, real estate will never become worthless.? It is the safest & most reliable collateral there is!

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