Key Benefits To Understand

  • You agree to loan money on a property in exchange for a high fixed interest rate & your money is secured 100% by the property that an investor invests in.
  • You receive a first mortgage position on title & the same paperwork & recorded security protection that a bank receives when they make a loan on a property.
  • You receive a copy of the Insurance policy listing you as Mortgagee/Co-Insured on the property.
  • You receive a Promissory Note outlining the terms of the loan.
  • Every transaction should be closed with a professional local attorney.? Your funds will always flow through the attorney.? You don?t write checks to investors personally.
  • You will get exceedingly high interest rates compared to banks along with the knowledge and plan of a strong exit strategy in place for that loan.
  • Banks always do very well.? You should do superior to the banks because you will also get a much lower LTV equity cushion in the property.

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