Your Biggest Objection: Answered

In all fairness, I know what your biggest objection to being a private lender really is… ?

It is either one of three things:

(1) You don’t have the liquid funds available at this time to invest.

My response… If you simply don’t have the funds available then there is nothing you can do at this time, however if your situation changes then you can always revisit being a private lender for investors.

(2) You are already getting greater than 10%-15% consistent returns on your investments in a vehicle that is more secure than real estate.

My response…If your returns are consistently higher than 10%-15% then you are doing better than the average from an investment perspective, however be sure you are fully aware of what collateral you have as security, should your investments ever go south.? You’ll likely discover that there is no collateral more secure than real estate.? At minimum perhaps you should consider this as a diversification to your current investment portfolio.

(3)? You have money to invest but simply don’t have 100% certainty that the investor you work with will do what they say.

My response… The investor that you choose to work with is only a decision that you can make.? Yes, there are some unexperienced investors out there so just remember this: No matter what investor you work with, always know that your financial investment is NOT in the investor or their company, but rather in the property that is being used as collateral.? This fact alone is what is most important to your success at the end of the day. ?I don’t have a magic wand and I can’t tell you what investor you should work with, and therefore I can’t show you the future, however I’m quite sure that if I could perform such a feat, and with a small amount of due diligence on your part, that you would be able to see the control, security, and ROI of this investment and perhaps the “birth” of a new revenue model for you long term.

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